Fabletics Review: The Perfect Leggings!

I have tried many leggings. Like too many. I basically live in leggings. I have tried ones from all price points and materials, so I thought it would be great to review one of my favorites: Fabletics! In this post, I will go over everything to do with Fabletics from the brand overall, to their subscription program, to their materials and cuts.

As some background, I have had a Fabletics subscription for about three years now and I have gotten to know the brand and products really well. I said it before, I live in leggings. But I truly live in Fabletics (like to the point where I didn’t have to think about having a photo shoot for content because I knew I’d be wearing them every day as I craft and edit this post haha). So without further ado here is my unsolicited honest opinion of Fabletics!


So before I get into the nitty gritty details, as an overall review of the brand and its products I give this brand a solid 4.9/5 stars. The biggest reason I say this is because of quality of the leggings and the price point at which you get them. I used to swear by Lululemon leggings, but those can get price even in the sale section (we’ll get into Fabletic pricing later).

And the quality of these leggings are SO great. Like I said, I first bought Fabletics leggings around three years ago and there is barely any pilling and absolutely no tears/holes/rips to be found (which I can’t say is true of my Lululemon leggings). The other thing about these leggings is they are not see through at all (as in the only time I could ever see my underwear line is in the lighter colors when I wear like granny panties). Depending on the material, which we’ll get into later, they can be much more cottony than other athletic wear leggings. They are so versatile because they are breathable enough for workouts, but warm enough to wear in colder months.

Fabletics offers so many different products in so many colors, cuts and sizes. I have a cardigan hoodie that I wear around all day as a comfy, lazy outfit, but I also have a sweatshirt that looks a little more put together that I wear for running errands. The quality and comfort of products outside leggings is still amazing and I 100% recommend trying out because they are SO CUTE!! The one downside to these amazing products, is if I don’t save what I like when I’m shopping online, I find it very hard to find that product again. Fabletics also has a lot of turnover in their collections, so it is quite possible that if you see something one month, in two months it may no longer be available.

Now, lets get into the nitty gritty!!!

VIP Program

The way that Fabletics works is you sign up for the VIP program which is a monthly subscription program that charges you $50 a month for one credit. One credit could get you a pair of leggings, or a sports bra and T-shirt, or a sweatshirt/jacket. Meaning, your leggings cost $50 (as opposed to Lululemon leggings which can cost $120). I have also bought sports bras and sweatshirts from Fabletics and absolutely LOVE them, and I got them with that one credit a month (aka $50). Last time I checked, when you sign up for the program you can get any two bottoms for $24, which is an amazing deal!

Now, the great thing is that at any given month if I don’t want to spend that $50 on activewear or I simple have enough leggings for the time being, I can skip the month and Fabletics won’t charge me anything for that month. That being said you only have from the 1st to the 5th of that month to skip the subscription for that month. And I can say after three years of having it and skipping a good majority of those months, it can be hard to remember to go in a skip the month. That is more of a user error problem with the subscription, but still one to keep in mind. So, if you know you will always forget to skip when you want to, do not do this. But, if you are confident in checking emails or putting a reminder in your calendar, you will have no problem.

When it comes to canceling your subscription, I have never done this so I am speaking from other people’s experiences. I have heard that canceling was very difficult and you had to call in to cancel, however, I’ve also heard rumors that Fabletics has recently changed this to be easier to do and accessible online.

Fabletics offers a lot of different materials and compression options, however, I have really only stuck to a few. So here are some details on material specific items!


If I could, I would never take these leggings off! PowerHold is Fabletics most compressed option for leggings and they hold up so well. I mean nothing moves when I’m running, walking, doing yoga, you name it! But they aren’t super tight (like cut-off-circulation tight) like some high compression leggings are. Like I mentioned, I have tried so many brands like Lululemon, Under Armor, and Nike, and I find myself yanking those up all day. The PowerHold leggings barely move (I maybe readjust them like once or twice a day).

The other great thing about these leggings is they are made from polyester and elastane but feel like they are made from cotton. Meaning they are thick and comfortable to wear in any conditions. I have worn these in the snow and they are still warm, but I’ve also worn them for 2 mile runs and they are still breathable. I never find myself uncomfortable wearing them! I’m not a huge fan of the sheen that some athletic fabrics have, but Fabletics are much more cottony looking and don’t shine at all. If you do like the sheen look, they also have Motion 365 leggings that have the same compression but have that shine to it, but I don’t own any of those material leggings!

I have multiple variations of these leggings, but here are the basic ones that I use for everyday. I choose the ones without pockets but that is just a personal preference; they have so many options with pockets, mesh, and other designs if you’re looking for that as well.


These are my go to running errands pants! They are buttery soft and super comfortable. These fabric is lightweight and has very little compression (so I don’t recommend a long jog in these). As I mentioned before, I don’t love the sheen that some athletic fabrics have. This is a miracle piece of clothing because it is that athletic, sweat wicking material but it isn’t shiny!

As I said there are the more casual fabric leggings that I wear. Here’s the thing, these leggings (like Powerhold) stay in play, they do not sag or twist, however, they have almost no compression so they will not hold things in (if you have giggley places like me they are going to giggle in these). I don’t recommend working out in these unless it’s a low intensity workout.

I got flare yoga pants in this fabric because it is great for yoga or running errands! I still highly recommend for the purpose of casual wear or lounge clothes! Here are the Pureluxe pants I got!


Every brand has its strengths and weaknesses and unfortunately, this is Fabletic’s weakness (the only one that I have found). These are super comfortable leggings that I highly recommend for lounging around! But, these leggings slip, slide and sag constantly. If you are just going to be lounging around your house or sleeping these are 10/10 on the comfort scale. But in my opinion, they are not meant for me to be seen in public in unless I want to be pulling my pants up every 10 mins.

As I said, I still recommends these because they are super comfortable, but just be aware of these leggings limitations. They still have really cute patterns and colors!

The one’s I am wearing have a really cool ribbed feature on 2/3 of the leg that make them super interesting! Unfortunately they don’t have the ones I got from three years ago, but here are the seamless leggings that are super similar!

Thank you guys for reading this review! Let me know your thoughts if you have tried Fabletics before!

Until Next Time,

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