New Year, New Me… New Skin!

I have never been great at skincare. It’s always been an afterthought, like “oh I just finished brushing my teeth. Maybe I should wipe my makeup off with a makeup removing wipe.” or “wow my skin feels tight, maybe I should put on some moisturizer.” But no more! I am committed to taking better care of my skin! This year I will be focusing on making my skin the best it can be. So, naturally the first step of creating a skincare routine is by learning what exactly I needed.

Now bear with me on this (I am like a child learning to walk when it comes to skincare products), I had to watch multiple youtube videos to even start to understand what I needed besides my current makeup wipes, occasional peel off mask and moisturizer. One youtube channel I found really helpful was Beauty Within. They do a great job of walking you through products, what they do and the science behind it. After learning about the many products you can use, I went shopping!

At Ulta, I still felt a little lost trying to decide which brands I wanted to buy from (also considering which brands were worth the price). Thankfully, a nice Ulta employee helped me figure out a good brand to try out. She recommended Juice Beauty. This brand focuses on natural ingredients and not using any “filler” chemicals like silicon. I picked out two products: The 2-in-1 Stem Cellular Cleanser and the Green Apple Brightening Emulsion.

I also figured I should buy a sheet mask or two while on my skincare binge. I got the Yes To Coconut Hydrate & Restore Ultra Hydrating Sheet Mask and the Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Bubbling Paper Mask. With these four new products I went home to test them out. So, the Yes To Bubbling Mask was bought more out of curiosity than to solve any problems I was having with my skin. I should have known this product wouldn’t work well with my skin simply because my skin is sometimes sensitive to Citric Acid and Tomatoes is literally in the name. So, here is my first impression of the Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Bubbling Paper Mask:

It was harder to unfold than most other paper masks and was cut very weirdly (it didn’t really fit my face). While it was on it started to tingle a little bit but then started to burn around my eye area (the most sensitive part of my face). After 10 min, the recommended time to leave on, The foam hadn’t grown on all parts of the mask, mostly just on the sides and not on my cheeks or nose. After washing it off it was clear my skin had been irritated. It was red and a little itchy in places. After washing it off and moisturizing, my skin still felt tight and irritated. However, my skin does feel cleaner and smoother despite the irritation. I am not going to repurchase this, although it did do as advertised.

The second mask I purchased, Yes To Coconut Hydrate & Restore Ultra Hydrating Sheet Mask, was a much more pleasant experience. Although, I did not record my first impressions of it (I was in a bit of a rush when I was trying it out). This mask was great at hydrating my skin and I loved the scent of coconut. It was very relaxing and soothing. My skin was almost glowing after I used this and was very hydrated for days following the mask. I will definitely be repurchasing this sheet mask and highly recommend it.

Now, on to the Juice Beauty products. I was blown away by how fast and well these products worked. Within a week people were commenting on how much better my skin looked and how bright it was. (even my brothers, who don’t notice when I get my hair dyed, commented on my skin). I did not know that after washing your face, your skin could feel so clean yet not dried out. I used to always get that tight feeling after washing my face, but the Juice Beauty cleanser never has that. It is packed with Vitamins and ingredients to make your skin shine and it does not disappoint. Similarly, the emulsion moisturizer works so well. My skin always feels soft and hydrated, even though it’s December! The scent of this is amazing, its just enough of green apples to be sweet but not overwhelming. Both these products are great because of the small amount needed to complete their jobs. Other moisturizers or cleansers require 2-3 pumps to cover my face, both of these work perfectly with just one pump. This saves me so much product on a mid-range price skincare product.

Hopefully, my skincare kick will continue to push me to improve this coming new year! I cannot wait to try out new products and brands! What are your favorite skincare products?

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