A Court of Mist and Fury & A Court of Wing and Ruin Review

Firstly, I apologize for not writing a separate review for A Court of Mist and Fury. But I picked up A Court of Wings and Ruin immediately and could not stop. These books are the second and third books of A Court of Thornes and Roses Trilogy (I am so sad this is just a trilogy). It follows the life of a girl named Feyre, who gets caught up in the politics and drama of the Fae world. Honestly, I think that’s all I have for non-spoiler information.

I give A Court of Mist and Fury 5/5 stars, I loved everything about this book! A Court of Wing and Ruin gets 4.5/5 stars; it was well written and a great plot but I was not happy with all things in this book.




I would like to take a moment for a realization I had two seconds before writing this review. I was going to rant a little on how the whole Beauty and the Beast storyline was only for the first book (which let’s be honest the only relevant part of the first book was the not Beauty and the Beast part, under the mountain). But, Rhysand and the Night Court become the “Beast” in the second book. The rest of the series is not only Feyre discovering how loving and wonderful Rhysand and the Court of Dreams are, but for the whole world to see that the Night Court is not the beast everyone thinks it to be. Well done Sarah J Maas. Well done!

I would like to say that I had great instincts when it came to Rhysand! HE TRUELY, RIGHTLY and PERFECTLY loves Feyre! Unlike another beastly character (*cough, *cough Tamlin).

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on which character they like best, but honestly who is on Team Tamlin? He is awful to her! They just escaped a horrible prison under a mountain with a crazy ruler killing people left and right, and he decides it is a good idea for Feyre to NEVER leave his house… um, yes that’s exactly what a girl suffering from PTSD needs in her life… I know Tamlin is trying to keep her safe and protect her, but he has no concept of what she wants. There is no sign that Feyre would enjoy being a lady to plan parties and do nothing all day, yet that’s what Tamlin thinks she will enjoy. Tamlin loves the idea of Feyre, but actually has little knowledge of who she really is.

Rhysand, on the other hand, lets Feyre do what she wants. He even lets her see his secret city even when he’s not 100% sure she won’t tell anyone (Trust, something Tamlin needs to learn)! One of my favorite lines of the series is in A Court of Wing and Ruin, Feyre is saying that Rhysand wouldn’t have let her leave the camp if she had told him of her plans. Instead of saying something like “Of course I wouldn’t have let you go! It’s dangerous!” He says,rhysand-and-feyre-2

“I do not LET you do anything… You are your own person, you make your own choices. But we are mates– I am yours, and you are mine. We do not let each other do things, as if we dictate the movements of each other.” – A Court of Wing and Ruin

I think that sums up their relationship wholly. They are two equals who work in tandem. Rhysand recognizes Feyre’s independence and ability to take care of herself. He never forces her to do something or into a decision. Especially when you think about how he handled the whole mate thing. He let her choose if she loved him or not before adding the pressure of a mating bond.

I would also quickly like to address the ending of A Court of Mist and Fury. I. WAS. SCREAMING. I was so upset when Tamlin walked out! It doesn’t even make sense for him to align with Hyburn! Align with one of the other courts who isn’t trying to kill everyone! Also, I thought for sure Elaine was gonna die, then I thought Nesta was going to die, then I was positive Azriel and Cassian were gonners. I also thought breaking the bond might kill Feyre or Rhysand. Honestly, it’s a miracle they all made it out alive! AND OMG! Elaine and Lucien! I really don’t know how I feel about them but I was shook.

Moving on to the Court of Dream, oh my god! There has never been a series that makes The_Inner_Circle_by_Charlie_Bowaterme feel more a part of a family than this one! The Court of Dream is honestly what made the last two books so great. I love how they are introduced as a loud, fun family before their stations at court are revealed. I don’t know about you, but reading about them made me think about how similar my group of friends are to them. I especially love how each of their skill sets gets an individual shining moment to show how powerful they are. Cassian gets his moment when they are fighting the Hyburn army and is destroying everyone in his path, Azriel gets his when they go to save Elaine, Amran gets hers when she is released to her true form and Mor, she gets so many moments to show her emotional strength that honestly I can’t think of one singular moment for her.

I also ship Cassian and Nesta SOOOOOO hard! I was frustrated though, after the battle with Hyburn (after he basically confesses his feelings for her) there is no interaction between them. I understand she is mourning her father, but she doesn’t even letflat,800x800,070,f.u1 Cassian comfort her, although I guess that would be out of character.

There’s also this mess with Mor, Cassian and Azriel. I understand why Mor has done what she has done, but poor Azriel! He is like perfect for Elaine, but I think his attachment and hope for Mor is going to prevent him from pursuing Elaine. I honestly think Mor needs to tell him she is not interested, not necessarily that she likes females, but that she doesn’t have feelings for him.

Elaine is a whole other story. She basically doesn’t do anything for half the book then BAM! She stabs the King in the neck! Her storyline is one that causes some problems for me when it comes to rating the book. She basically does nothing, except kill the King (which don’t get me wrong, is a big deal), but she starts flirting with Azriel, she knows she’s mates with Lucien, but still wears Greyson’s ring. This girl needs to make some decisions. Three boys is too many to lead on, granted Greyson had no desire to continue a relationship with her. I personally don’t have a strong preference of who she ends up with, but I am leaning towards Azriel. (I would marry Azriel…or Cassian…or Rhysand)

So the thing that got me so upset with the last book was their constant thought that they can do whatever without magic. No. They clearly can’t. They constantly are depleting their magic and then realizing it was a mistake. WHY WOULD YOU WINNOW EVERY SINGLE PERSON AWAY FROM BATTLE AND REDUCE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING BY LIKE 100000%?! I understand wanting to get people to safety, but if you are at full strength I feel like you are more capable of protecting them. THEN RHYSAND! “Oh it’s fine, use my power to fix the caldron. I’ll be fine.” Feyre, your stupid. Of course it was going to kill him! He had like 5% power and needed to use like 10% to fix the caldron! (this was another instance when I was screaming at the book). I have never been more upset about a characters death. I will give Sarah J Maas some credit though because I completely forgot that all seven Lords could revive someone. Although I am right there with Feyre waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Everything thing turned out a little too fine at the end of this book. Not that I am mad, but I am so scared for the spin-off. Like you expect a main character to die in battle, and Rhysand technically did, but he’s fine now. And Amran came back, I thought she was going to stay in her true form and we would never see her again. The only sad/bad thing that happened what Feyre’s dad dying and we only saw him for like 2 seconds the whole series. Just think about other vital characters that die in the Throne of Glass Series, Sarah J Maas is not scared to kill off beloved characters. I am terrified there will be a super dramatic death coming our way.

I am excited to see what the spin-off focuses on, part of me thinks it will be a retelling of Swan Lake because of Vasa’s curse. I really hope they address Elain and her love life, Nesta and her love life, and Rhysand and Feyre do not have any more trouble in their lives. Thank you for reading! Leave a comment with your predictions or theories for the upcoming book (releasing May 2018)!

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