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I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with essie nail polish, but it’s ok. I love this brand so much that I usually buy at least one or two colors of each line they release. Today I am going to tell you why I love them so much and share some of my favorite colors!


So Ginger, why is essie different than other nail polishes? I mean, aren’t they all kind of the same?

The answer is no, they are not the same! The biggest difference between essie and other brands is essie has a longer life on nails. Because I am a very active and not-so-careful person, my nails chip a lot. Essie is the only brand that I have found to stay on my nails and look pristine for more than five days. This being said, they do chip like every other nail polish, but not nearly as fast. Along those lines, the polish never fades or oxidizes. Meaning, the color stays true the entire time you wear it.

Ok, so it lasts longer, that’s not a good enough reason for it to be “the best” brand.

Well, I’m glad you brought that up. The staying power of this brand is only one reason I love it. Another reason is essie has thousands of colors to work with. If you can’t find the color you’re looking for at essie, you’re just not looking hard enough. They have everything from nudes to neons and every type of effect you could ask for. Essie is also really good at picking new colors to introduce (and you cannot beat their marketing strategy for new lines).

So color and staying power, why else do you love it?

A very superficial reason I love essie is their packaging. The square bottle with white handle is just so elegant and clean. It also makes storing them and displaying them so much better! The packaging also shows the true color of the polish most of the time.

The last reason I have for loving this brand is that they not only produce amazing nail polish but also have nail care products that have really improved the quality of my nails! My favorite nail care products is the apricot cuticle oil

What are your favorite colors?

Before I list my favorite colors, I should say I do not have original photos of all these colors because I had to leave some at home when I left for college 🙁 I have around 40 shades of essie nail polish, so I obviously could not store all those in my dorm room. So I chose the shades I love a lot but will also fit any occasion.


  1. All-time favorite shade is Excuse Me, Sur — a beautiful bright coral that is the perfect summer color
  2. Bobbing For Baubles — a dark greyish blue that I wear nonstop in the winter
  3. Fiji — a perfect light pink that can be worn during any seasonIMG_3095
  4. Bordeaux — a deep wine red that can be worn throughout fall and winter (this is one of essie’s original colorsIMG_3092
  5. Wild Nude — a very light tan or taupe color
  6. Without A Stitch — a basic light grey
  7. Fairy Tailor — translucent light pink (this is the gel formula, which is why I love it so much)IMG_3094
  8. Mint Candy Apple — a light minty blueish green (it is much bluer than the image shows)
  9. Bulter Please — a rich, bright cobalt blue. I love wearing this year round
  10. Cute as a Button — a bright coral that is a go-to for summer

hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have a favorite color I didn’t mention! If you want to see another of my favorite brands, check out this post.

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  1. My favourite colour by Essie is a light pink called “Not Just a Pretty Face”, it’s actually quite similar to “Fiji”
    So easy to wear, it’s my go-to everyday colour!

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