My First Acrylic Manicure

Regular polish, SNS, Gel, Shellac, Acrylic; there are so many options for manicures these days, it’s kind of difficult to choose the right one. This past week I had my first experience getting acrylic nails. Here is a quick overview of my initial and long-term opinions about this manicure option:

First off, they look amazing and I highly recommend them if you want clean, long and fairly sturdy feeling nails! Mine are just a little bit longer than my actual nails and are rounded at the edges. I purposely chose a length and shape that looked natural and not excessive. I also chose a nude color, because I was a little nervous and didn’t want them to stand out too much.


So day one, they looked good and felt good and I had no regrets about getting acrylic nails. I did, however, need time to adjust to the feeling of longer, attached nails. Typing, driving and opening things is very different with acrylics. I also had a sore feeling for about 24 hours after I had the acrylic done, but went away the next day.


I am about two weeks into having these nails and I have no regrets (except maybe I should have chosen a bolder color to show off these awesome nails), my nails haven’t chipped or look old, they look almost the same as they did on the day I got them done. I have also not experienced any of the acrylics coming off, however my nails have grown out a bit so it may be time for me to fill them in. I would recommend these to most people also because the price is about the same or even less than gel nails. Theoretically you could get acrylic nails that are just as long as your actual nails (so it looks like gel), but your nails last even longer! In my opinion acrylic nails are a 10/10 would recommend!

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