Ulta Haul and Review

It’s around that time when I go back to Ulta to replace those products I cannot live without, but end up buying things that were not on my shopping list. Don’t get me wrong, I never regret straying from my list, but it’s always surprising what I find myself reaching for. Today, it was a smaller haul because I was replacing some more expensive things. So let’s jump right in!img_2742.jpg

The reason I decided to go to Ulta initially was because I needed a new foundation. I wasn’t happy with the one I was previously using and I had heard some great reviews about a few foundations I should try. After much deliberation I settled on NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. This is such a great product! It’s consistency is a little runnier but it makes it very easy to blend. Like the name suggests it does add a sheer dewy look to your skin, however, I would argue that it is a little more coverage than sheer. I would say this is a light coverage foundation that is easy to build on. It also blends really well, almost like it melts into your skin. I didn’t see and lines or streaks and it didn’t look cakey at all. Ok, I’ll be completely honest, I have not mastered the art of buying foundations correctly on the first try. Initially, I bought the wrong color (Gobi) that was too light and has yellow undertones. I returned the foundation for the color Monte Blanc which has more pink undertones. All in all, I think this is a great product for anyone who wants just a basic foundation to build on with other products.

Next on my “To Buy” list was a refill of my Lancôme DÉFINICILS mascara. This mascara looks pretty plain but actually defines my lashes better than any other mascara. It img_2745.jpglengthens and volumizes my lashes without weighing them down. I don’t buy the waterproof mascara anymore because I found that the amount of friction it took to take it off cause my eyelashes to fall out. I also always buy it in black, never in brown, because I feel like black defines better than brown. This products also never falls under my eyes leaving a dark shadow. It stays in place from morning until night. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a high quality mascara that works really well in defining your lashes.



Ok impulse time, I bought a Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Do No Wrong. This is a beautiful matte nude. When you look at the lipstick it looks a lot darker than the actualcolor when applied to your lips. But I have been searching high and low for the perfect matte nude and I have found it. This was something I kind of picked up without much thought, then when I tried it on at home I was blown away with the color. I also love Smashbox lip products because they are so smooth and creamy; and they never dry out my lips or emphasize the lines on my lips. I also love the sleek and simple packaging! If your like me and want to get on the nude lip bandwagon but just cannot find the perfect match, I highly suggest buying this lipstick.

Now this last one wasn’t exactly planned but wasn’t an impulse buy either. There is a bit of a back story to this product: for years I would buy BareMinerals moisturizers. The combination skin was a perfect match, it never left any residue and my skin always felts ofter. But unfortunately, they did away with the moisturizer (or made it impossible for me to find, I’m still not sure). So now I’m in the BareMinerals section of Ulta and am staring at the moisturizer section (no products have moisturizer in the name or description). So I see this bottle that has basically the same layout as my beloved moisturizer but it says it’s an emulsion. So I figure I should try it and buy it.

This product is not the same as my moisturizer, but it’s pretty similar. It has a watery, runny consistency unlikely any moisturizer I have had. But, it does moisturize my face in the same way the other one did. There is a barely noticeable residue left behind for a few hours but then is gone. So far, I think this can replace my favorite moisturizer. I do not recommend this to anyone with oily skin, I think this may increase the oils on your face. However, combinations and dry skin faces will love this!


I hope you found this helpful and informative! Let me know in the comments if you ever find yourself “going off the list.”

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