Best College Student Discounts

It’s a cliche, the broke college student. But hey, tuition is expensive and textbook prices alone make me want to cry. I have compiled a few college student discounts that I have used or that I have heard great things about. Please keep in mind that these offers are limited and do change.


1. Amazon Prime Student

I chose this to be first because it is one of the best decision I have made in college so far! First off, you get a 6 months free trial! That’s 2/3 of your school year FREE! Not only do you get a ridiculously long free trial but also 50% prime account including all music, tv and movies of a regular prime account. But it gets even better! Two-day shipping! If you haven’t gotten to college yet, or you have just started, you have no idea how useful two day shipping can be. I’ve also used my Amazon account to rent textbooks online and it is infinitely cheaper and easier to use than the bookstore or any other textbook retailer. I HIGHLY recommend getting Amazon Prime Student, it makes college life so much easier.

2. Apple Music

Ok, so my situation with Apple Music is a little odd. First off I LOVE this subscription! It is worth every penny if you are constantly buying music like me. I recommend this to everyone and anyone. It’s also great because it can be connected on Apple TVs or any other Apple device, so your music is always there with you, no matter what device you’ve added it on. Another great thing is the fact that you can stream the songs or download them. You simply press the + to add it to your library and once it is in your library you can choose to download it. You also never have to go in and out of the iTunes app! It’s all in the music app. However, if you want to use these songs in videos, you actually need to purchase the song, you cannot use Apple Music songs on iMovie.

In the name of being honest, I have to say that I am no longer subscribed to Apple Music anymore. Why would I do this? Well, I got out voted. I have a very large family who enjoy having separate apple/music accounts. They voted against me to have Amazon Music instead of Apple Music. This was because even with a student discount, 6 separate accounts at $5 each is a lot versus Amazon’s $14 family pack. So now I use Amazon Music, which I like a lot, just not as much as my Apple Music.

3. Apple Products

Going along with Apple, the Apple products have amazing discounts on their larger ticket items for students. Now, as I understand it the offer is for a limited time, but comes back every year with slightly different discounts. In the past two years they have had a substantial monetary amount (meaning $ not %) taken off Desktops, laptops and iPads, and they also included free beats with the student discount. So essentially you get 2 for 1 of the most sleek, high quality tech products out there.

4. Spotify

I do not use Spotify Premium because of my usage of Apple Music and Amazon Music. However, my roommate and many of my friends love it. Like Apple and Amazon, Spotify offers tons of artists and songs as well as a social media platform for music. Premium is great because it gets rid of the annoying parts of free Spotify like watching the ads and not being able to choose a song while not on wifi. This discount is $5 a month compared to $10 a month.

3. Audible

Alright so I couldn’t find an audible subscription student discount BUT think about this: audible offers so many audiobooks at the price of $14 a month for one book. Most audiobooks are around $20-$30 if you are reading a decent sized novel. So if you think about it, it’s kind of a discount especially for those literature classes that require like 10 books, because not only do you get one book for $14 but you also get all books with 30% off. Audible is also great with frequent member discounts like 2 for one sale or 3 credits for the price of one. So it may not be exclusive to students, but this subscription could save you money on leisure reads or school reads.

I hope you found this helpful and can use these to save a little money during one of the most expensive (and best) adventures of your life. Comment below if you know any other great student discounts!

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