My Morning Routine 

Today I will be sharing the most difficult time of my day and how I try to make it better. I am not a morning person; I could stay up until 6am but waking up at 6am? No thank you. But recently I’ve been trying to improve my mornings to improve the rest of my day. I have also linked some of the products I use. So without further ado, here is what I do:

Step One: I wake up and tell Alexa, my Amazon dot, to play my morning music. This contains a lot of pop (a lot of Ed Sheeran). Music always helps boost my mood so I find this is a good way to start.


Step Two: I wash my face a moisturize it. While the moisturizer is absorbing in my skin I make some coffee or tea. I try to stay away from milk, so I usually end up drinking green tea with honey, or coffee with almond milk. I will also make a light breakfast usually involving toast and bananas. While I am drinking my caffeine and eating my protein, I check social media, blogs and news.


Step Three: I brush my teeth and sit down to do my makeup. While I do my makeup, I usually watch a Netflix show that I can multitask to like Friends or Grey’s Anatomy (only because I’ve seen it so many times). I find this helps me keep track of time better and these shows always boost my mood.


Step Four/Five: I usually just straighten my hair or put it in some sort of braid. I continue watching Netflix as well. After my hair is done, I put on my clothes. It’s important to note that throughout steps 1-4 I am thinking about what I might want to wear, so when it comes time to actually put on the clothes I know what I am going to wear.


Step Six: After I am completely ready for my day, I will then open my meditation app and do a three-minute meditation. This just helps me relax through the day and again boosts my mood.

As you can tell my morning routine is fairly simple but I try to focus on boosting my mood as much as possible before I walk out the door. On days when I cannot spend this much time getting ready, I will quickly do makeup, hair and outfit, and then do a meditation or listen to an audiobook while driving. It is important to start your day on a good note! Leave a comment on how you start your day off right.

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