My Summer Job

Most college students try to find some way to make money over the summer through working minimum wage jobs at retail stores, pools, restaurants or summer camps.

a sixth grader I worked with

I opted for a job similar to summer camp counselor. I worked at a church as a Summer Staffer, this meant that I would help run, facilitate and participate in events and activities throughout the summer. The largest part of the job involves kids; you are assigned a grade and gender that you work with the entire summer, I had sixth-grade girls. Most of my job involved event planning but part of it was being a mentor and teacher to these girls. For anyone who loves kids and is considering working with them in a professional career, I highly suggest this job and ones like it. This is also the perfect place for creative and energetic people because kids love to be entertained. Now that you have a general idea of what my job was, let’s get into what it was like to work at this job.

An activity one week: berry picking

In this program, I worked with fourteen other college student (seven boys and seven girls). Most of our work hours were learning how to teach the kids and other crucial skills for the job, as well as a lot of time for event planning and set up. We had at least 3 events a week where we would need to prepare advertisements, collect RSVPs and then entertainment of some kind for the kids. I loved this part of the job! It taught me a lot about working in large groups as well as administrative skills (like sending out RSVP emails). We also had to plan separate events for our assigned group of kids. This took a little more time and effort, especially when younger girls have a lot of restrictions as to what they can and can’t do. Overall, I learned a lot about event planning this summer and am so grateful for it.

So, I explained the events we planned. But I failed to mention how most of the events we not at a consistent time each week. We had an event that would happen every Tuesday evening and Sunday School on Sunday mornings but we had a third event that was almost never at the same time week to week. This meant that my schedule was never the same week to week. I enjoyed this because it rarely became monotonous. However, if you like knowing what you will be doing every hour of every day for the next three months, I do not suggest this job. Also, kids need their mentors at times that may not be listed as work hours, which can be the most rewarding times, however they can be the most inconvenient times as well.

Along the lines of timing, the days off you get come often enough but it was not like a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job. My hours ranged from 9am to 9pm to 10am to 2pm and I worked from Friday to Wednesday (Thursday was our day off). This might seem odd at first but it was a schedule that I quickly got used to. This also is a job that you can’t really take a week off in the middle of, because of all the events and kids that need your attention. (I did get the month of August as a vacation for the summer, which was great).

One very good friend I worked with

I can guess your probably thinking: Long hours/weeks, working with kids, planning events! This job must have been exhausting and terrible. IT WASN’T AT ALL! I loved this job more than any other job I have had. This is a job where you get to be creative and become best friends with the people you work with! We were always laughing and having a good time while getting a ton of work done (and to be honest the work isn’t hard, it’s just a lot). I will say that there were times where I was tired and didn’t really want to go to work, as anyone would be with any job they have worked. But all the good times really outweigh the few bad times.

Overall, I think I can say this was the most rewarding job (seeing the girls I worked with grow) and the most fun job I can/will ever have. Use my Contact Me page if you are interested in applying for next year!

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