Why Watch Grey’s Anatomy?

Thirteen seasons of “dark and twisty” Meredith Grey seems like too much for any person to even try to attempt. It’s way too dramatic and it involves the same people for thirteen seasons, who wants to watch that. You must be super basic if you watch Grey’s Anatomy. These are the excuses I have heard from people who refuse to watch Grey’s Anatomy or have started watching but do not have the motivation to finish. For those of you who don’t know, I love Grey’s Anatomy! I have seen every episode and have even watched the first three seasons at least six times through. This show is worth the time it takes to watch it. Greys-Anatomy-Season-5-Episode-1-5-8e9a

So thirteen season is a lot to handle. The key to Grey’s is to binge at a pace; do not try to finish this show in a month or two, you will end up hating it. This is the type of show you have to grow with, not just watch; you see the progression of characters from when they are interns to when they become residents.

That is one of the reasons I love Grey’s Anatomy so much! I started watching the show in the middle of my Sophomore year in highschool. I was going through a rough time and decided to entertain myself with Grey’s. At first the show was just a bunch of weird, dramatic surgeons trying to get through their internship. As the characters became residents and attendings, I was becoming a junior and a senior. This show helped me learn a lot about interpersonal interactions and learn about what matters and tumblr_nkto9waZPU1r3zos4o1_500what doesn’t. The show is also not short of useful little quotes such as: “He is very dreamy but he is not the sun. you are.” The characters have some of the best character development over the years. They learn from mistakes and change over time while still keeping a certain integrity to the original character’s behaviors.

As to the argument that the same people are doing the same thing season after season, that is just incorrect. For starters, only a few of the main characters from seasons onethe-seattle-grace-5 and two are still on the show. There are seasons when some doctors are not working, are not at the hospital or just are not there. There are also times when the main concern of a character has very little to do with surgery or the hospital at all. Issues can jump from a surgery to hospital politics to a marital issue to the characters experiencing trauma. Grey’s Anatomy is not monotonous or repetitive in its plot line

Likewise, the show is not all about Meredith Grey and her issues, especially those involving Derek. In fact, their relationship is not the focal point for a majority of the show. In the first couple season, there is definitely a strong focus on Meredith and Derek but as the season progress, the relationships of other characters becomes more important.

Grey’s Anatomy is also not just about romantic relationships. It taught me so much about friendship, parent-child relationships, coworker or peer relationships and so many otherYou-Are-My-Person-Greys-Anatomy-400x242 interpersonal connections. There is a focus on romantic relationships (it is a drama after all) but there is nothing in the show that is more important than Christina and Meredith’s relationship, a best-friend-sister relationship.

Honestly, if you watch Grey’s Anatomy, it is such a popular show that you will be able to talk to so many people about it, and maybe even start a Grey’s Thursdays with your friends. It also is referenced a good amount and who doesn’t like getting references. You also will basically be a surgeon, or at least be able to tell someone what a cardiothoracic surgeon does or what a pulmonary embolism is.

Grey’s Anatomy is worth watching not because of the drama (although that is very entertaining), or the gorgeous actors (again a plus) but because it talks about things that are sometimes avoided and teaches people about how to interact with others. You will also learn a lot about yourself when you see aspects of yourself reflected in the characters and their problems. I highly encourage you to watch at least the first few seasons (even though the later ones are better).

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