What to Wear for Rush

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If you’ve even considered rushing a sorority, there is a good chance you have panicked about what to wear and how to look during the rushing process. As cheesy as it is, the secret to “Rush Attire” is wearing whatever you are comfortable in (for the most part). There are some expectations of how you should look, but do not try to look like someone you are not, that is when all the girls will see right through you.

I would like to preface this post by saying all schools have different processes for rushing; the way my school does it may be completely different than how your school does it. Not only that, but each sorority is looking for a different type of person. Ideally, your looks and clothes should have nothing to do with that, but unfortunately, they do. Bottom line is: I will give advice based on my experience, but I encourage you to ask around your school to figure out how it is done where you are. Believe me, sister will not be weirded out if you are curious about greek life, they will actually probably get really excited to know you are interested.

My school did rush in a four day long weekend we call “fake break” at the end of January. There are schools who do this in the fall, some do it in February, it all depends on the school. If your school does a winter/spring rush, this post will be catered towards you, however, I will discuss basics of choosing an outfit that can be applied to any season. Here are the four days that rush at my school had:

  1. Philanthropy Day: Casual Attire
  2. Sisterhood Day: Casual Attire
  3. Preference Day: Cocktail Attire
  4. Bid Day: Casual Attire

The first day of rushing is all about first impressions, but it is a casual attire day.  You should wear an outfit that you would wear on the first day of classes. At my school, most girls wore a nice sweater and jeans or a long sleeve top and leggings. Some girls wore causal, shift dresses. There were a lot of riding boots and booties everywhere. For us, this was the longest day, we saw every sorority. The key for this day was comfort. Look cute and put together, but do not sacrifice your comfort on this day, you will regret it. I created an image that is similar to the outfit I wore for the first day. Again, keep in mind, at my school this is what most girls wear when they want to look a little nicer for class, this may be different at your school. I also suggest not wearing a ton of makeup, because it will start to smudge by the end of the day and it is just easier to maintain when you have little on. Again, still look put together and like you put a lot of effort into your outfit, but keep it simple.

The second day of rush is Sisterhood Day, you have already had your first impression, now it is more about getting to know which sorority you see yourself in. At my school, we were told that the first two days were simply casual attire. However, many girls decided to dress up a little bit more for the second day. A casual dress is perfect for this day. Because it was winter and very cold outside, many people wore tights with their dresses or wore riding boots with tall socks. Again, this day I could have worn a similar outfit of jeans and a nice top, but I chose to wear a day dress. Even though you are visiting less sororities, comfort is still a big factor for choosing your outfit. Booties are always a good choice. I will give the same advice for hair and makeup for day two: keep it simple. It also doesn’t look good if you are wearing tons of makeup and your hair is covered in hairspray. Also, if you wear a lot of makeup you are more likely to breakout, which is something you definitely don’t want during the week of rush.

The third day is called Preference Night. This is where you are asked back to a sorority to see something special, usually some sort of ritual, that the organization values. This night is usually cocktail/dinner party attire. We were told to wear something that we would wear to “our grandmothers country club christmas party.” In other words, a nice dress that is more conservative. This does not mean your knees and shoulders have to be covered, but there is an expectation to keep your outfit classy (basically, everything covered that should be covered. At this point, you are not necessarily trying to impress the sorority but trying to make your decision on which organization is to be your home (at least at my school this is how it was perceived). This is the day that you want to put on more makeup and try a little harder with your hair. It will most likely be the shortest day, so issues from other days should not be a problem here.

Bid Day is the last day, where you find out which sorority you will be a part of. At my school this was a very laid back day. Everyone, especially the sisters, is exhausted and probably aren’t putting in a ton of effort. I wore a t-shirt and leggings to my bid day. I wore minimal makeup (just concealer and mascara) and just brushed my hair. Most likely you will be given a shirt by your sorority to wear. This is the day you get to meet your new sister, so it is up to you how nice you want to look. I personally did not have the energy to get myself together for one last day, but it ended up being ok because I was one of many. I will say though, my bid day pictures are not the cutests, so keep that in mind when choosing your outfit and doing your makeup.

This is my advice on what to wear for rush, each school is different, each person is different, and each sorority is different. So take this advice with a grain of salt, the rushing process or expectations might be completely different at your school. But the key to all of this is to be yourself and wear what you would wear because it isn’t about finding a group of girls you want to be like, it’s about finding a group of girls that are like you.

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