Audiobooks in the Car

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Have you ever had a long driveand just gotten so tired of listening to your music or a certain playlist? I know I definitely do. After about three hours I need to switch it up and listen to something else. The best solution that I have found for this problem is to listen to an audiobook in the car instead of music.

harry-potter-and-the-goblet-of-fire-cover-imageI first did this in December, over winter break. My friend had been nagging me about never reading the Harry Potter books, so I decided to start reading them. By December I was on the fourth book, which is a fairly long book, so I decided to get it on my audible account. I knew that I would be driving a lot in the latter part of my break, so I figured I would just listen to the book instead of music. I drove from Maryland to southern North Carolina, which is about a seven-hour drive. After a few days, I drove from southern North Carolina to Virginia, this was about four hours. Three days later, I drove from Virginia to North Carolina again, this took about 5 and a half hours. Doing the math, this trip adds up to about 16 hours of driving in about a week. This also means that I read a large percentage of my book. The audiobook for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is about 21 hours long. I actually finished the book in the car because I had read some before driving. After this adventure, I decided that this was how I would drive for long distances from now on. Not only are you continuously entertained but also you feel accomplished when you finish your journey because you have been productive in reading a book.

As I do this more often, I am learning some key tricks to listening to audiobooks and driving. First: make sure the book you choose has action or excitement in the plot because a boring book will put you to sleep. Second: I find it more satisfying to read a book that is the same length as my journey or is around the same length. Third: There will be times when you have to rewind because you had to switch lanes or something and missed a sentence or two (Always be more aware of the road than the story!).51MYplUcdEL._AC_SX348_SY500_QL65_

Most recently, I read the Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey on my way back to college after Easter weekend. This was a good book to read because a lot is going on but there were a few times I was confused or lost because it is a book that jumps from one narrator to another. Although I really enjoyed this book, I suggest choosing a book that has very little narrator switches.

Also keep in mind the roads in which you will be traveling on. Most of the roads I was on when I read Harry Potter and when I read the Infinite Sea were both highways in the south, which tend to be less crowded and a little easier to navigate. If you will be on roads that go through a bunch of cities or are very complicated, maybe don’t listen to an audiobook because then it is just too much going on at once. There is also the distraction of a GPS, so be aware if you will be changing roads a lot or if you are on a highway for 100 miles.

I do not recommend listening to audiobooks in the car when you are running to the grocery store or going anywhere under an hour of driving. This is because, I find it makes it hard to focus on the book and you really don’t get through enough of the book to make it worth the listen.

downloadNow that I have explained why I listen to audiobooks in the car I will explain how. I have an audible account which is an Amazon company that has thousands of audiobooks that you can download to your phone. I love audible because I can get a lot of books for not a ton of money. Some audiobooks can cost over $50, but with Audible you can pay $14.95 a month for 1 credit (1 book) and 30% off all books. The first  30 days is a free trial (basically a free book) and there is also a college student discount that can be applied with your college email.

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