Vampire Diaries Series Finale Review


Vampire Diaries has finally come to a close with the season 8 finale. I have watched Vampire Diaries for about four years now and I had become emotionally invested in the plot, characters and relationships. This is a show that you must power through the scrutiny and judgment of others to enjoy. Yes, I will admit it is a show about vampires, werewolves and witches, but it is so much more than that. The character development in this series has been phenomenal, especially with characters such as Caroline Forbes. I was sad to hear that the series was coming to a close, but I also thought this was a good choice for the storyline as well. Or at least I had that opinion before watching the finale.

I love the show, in case that wasn’t clear, but I was very disappointed in the last 4 episodes. They seemed to try to cram too much nostalgia with too many new issues for a closing season. I appreciate the fact that I was constantly on the edge of my seat and not entirely sure of what would happen next, but I think there was too much information put into the last few episodes, specifically the finale.


So, here’s the issue I was having with the last few episodes. They killed the villain, like the third villain of the season, and all seemed to be good and ready for a nice, clean wrap up of the show. Then they introduced a new (old) issue: Katherine. I understand thetumblr_inline_no83xhoesO1scdz6x_540.gif concept of bringing back the people from previous seasons (I LOVED Kai coming back), but the issue that was presented, burning Mystic Falls to the ground as Katherine’s ultimate revenge, was too complex for a two-episode span of time. I felt especially overwhelmed in the last episode and found it hard to look back at the series and also enjoy the finale. I was very confused for most of the episode, which I’m assuming was the intention, but it made it hard to enjoy seeing characters like Katherine or Vicki, or even Elena.

I was also a little disappointed with Elena’s appearances. I was heartbroken when Kai put the spell on her that made her unable to wake up until Bonnie was dead. I was highly anticipating her return and the significance it would have. I was firstly disappointed with the fact that her appearance was so short and really just to end the series on a similar note that it started. I was upset by this because I felt Elena deserved a more epic entrance and final time on the show than she got. I really felt like Elena was overshadowed by Stefan’s death and she wasn’t given the time she deserved to rekindle the friendship she has missed out on for so many years. I felt like her return was made as a quick wrap up for the show and I believed it deserved more than that. I also did not like how there was very little to no explanation of how she woke up, with Bonnie still alive. I know that Bonnie found her magic again, but how did she overpower Kai’s spell? I was also disappointed in her reuniting with Damon. This was such a highly anticipated moment and it seemed quick and almost less important than the rest of the episode, even though the love triangle is the heart of the show. Again, I believe that Stefan’s death overshadowed this moment as well.

I don’t want to belittle Stefan’s death, because it was by no means a small death on the show. I loved how perfectly it fits in with the dichotomy that has been the Salvator brothers for 8 seasons. His heroic sacrifice was matched by the irony of Katherine dying n his arms. After all the hatred and love that had been shared over the century and a half they hadc2a7a9517e179c03dd53eb16f3fcd1e6 known each other, the doppelgänger ended up sharing the same fate. I thought this was very poetic. I also loved how this dilemma really emphasized the familial love between Stefan and Damon that sometimes gets lost in the drama. I loved the scene when they were debating on who should stay and die in hellfire, it really showed how much they loved each other and the ends they would go to in order to keep each other safe.

I want to make it clear that there were a lot of things that I loved about the finale and wrap up of the show. My major issue with it was that there should have been one more episode to wrap everything up nicely. I was bawling my eyes out during the scene where Stefan sacrifices himself and tells Elena to tell Caroline he will love her forever. I also cried a lot seeing all the people that have died in the show watching over their loved ones. I was very confused with Elena’s interaction with her family that has past, because all the other loved on interactions were like ghosts, but the Gilbert family members were real and Elena could hug them. I loved the way that the series ended so similarly to how it started, even though the show is vastly different now.

I really don’t have much to go on, but I have a theory that this is not the end for some of the characters in the Vampire Diaries. It was set up very nicely with the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted for there to be a spin-off, or for some characters to make the transition to the Originals. I think it is more likely for there to be a spin-off with Rick, Caroline, the twins, Bonnie and possibly an old favorite like Jeremy Gilbert.

anigif_original-grid-image-402-1429561597-35.gifAll in all the series is a beautiful story that shows the progression of a group of teenage friends. I love the character development, as I mentioned before, and I think I can say that I’ve learned a lot from the characters about friendship, responsibility and love.

Please comment on what you think: Is there a possibility for a spin-off? Who was your favorite character? Who do you believe had the best character development?

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