Pura Vida Bracelet Review


I have never really been a bracelet-wearing girl; they just always seem to be so noisy or get in the way, but I Pura Vida has changed my mind! Recently I have become a Pura Vida Rep, initially, it was just as another way to gain marketing experience and make a little money. I bought a few bracelets just to really test out this product I was supposed to be suggesting to friends and family. I completely changed my mind on bracelets after my purchase.

Pura Vida bracelets are unique for countless reasons, but there are a few that I think make this brand extraordinary. As I mentioned before, there are a lot of things about bracelets I do not like, but Pura Vida bracelets do not have any of the annoying factors of mostimg_7586 bracelets. The bracelets are woven with occasional beading, because of this they do not have the constant tendency to jingle or make any noise when wearing them. They are also adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit. I can make them tight, so they don’t snag on anything or get in the way, or I can make them loose for a more comfortable look. The bracelets are also waterproof, so I don’t need to take them off when I’m at the beach or taking a shower. These aspects make Pura Vida good or enjoyable, but the thing that makes Pura Vida great is their commitment and focus on making the world a better place.

Pura Vida does a lot of things meant to benefit communities and the environment. They help locals in Costa Rica find jobs through their company. There is also an entire section on puravidabracelets.com just for bracelets that help charities. You can even suggest a charity for Pura Vida to partner with and make a bracelet for. There is such a variety of charities that Pura Vida supports, that you are bound to find one you have a connection with or passion for.

Summer New Arrivals

After I became a Rep, I purchased five bracelets. One of the bracelets was a mystery bracelet I got discounted, but the rest I picked out.img_7607 I had so many charities I wanted to have bracelets from, but eventually I settled on two. The first is called the WOLF Sanctuary Bracelet, which gives 10% of the profit to WOLF Sanctuary to help better the lives of wolves and wolf-dogs. I have always loved wolves and many species of wolves have been endangered over the years. I thought it was important to support this charity because it might be overlooked a lot of the times.img_7600 The second charity bracelet I purchased was Anti-Domestic Violence Platinum Bracelet, which gives 10% of the profit to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). Although I do not have a personal connection with Domestic Violence Awareness, it is the charity that my sorority supports. I have learned the importance of the NCADV and wanted to be able to support it on a personal level. These are just two examples of great charities that Pura Vida supports and partners with.

Overall, I think Pura Vida is a great brand and produces a great product! I highly recommend ordering some bracelets from their website: puravidabracelets.com. For 20% off your order use the coupon code: GINGERLOONEY20. The images below will have links to the specific bracelets I purchased.

img_7617The bracelet prices vary from $5-$26.img_7610WOLF Sanctuary Braceletimg_7606Lotus Silver Bracelet img_7598Grey Braided Braceletimg_7613Mystery Bracelet


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